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We work closely with Sussex Police and other organisations to promote crime prevention and community safety within our village. We have very good support from our PCSO Elaine Anscomb who is always ready to give us good advice when needed.

This site contains Neighbourhood Watch news for the local area as well as information, Police community newsletters and crime prevention advice.
Copthorne NHW has close links with the Copthorne Local Action Team and with the Copthorne Village Association (CVA)

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COPTHORNE  is situated between Crawley and East Grinstead and at two miles from Gatwick Airport and just off J10 of the M23 Motorway between Croydon and Brighton is influenced by all these factors. At the 2001 census the population was 4580,  51% female, 20% under 16,  96.6% white, 70% employed, 14% retired, 90% of properties were owner occupied and 59% had 2 or more cars.

CRAWLEY DOWN  is  the next village to Copthorne on the way to East Grinstead. TURNERS HILL is just south of Crawley Down.

The combined resident population as measured in the 2001 census was 7157, with 2695 households. 51% were male, 21% under 16 and 19% over the age of 60. 84% of properties were owner occupied and 56% of households had 2 or more cars/vans.

Crawley Down NHW is supported by Worth Parish Council and Crawley  Down Residents Association (CDRA) who have their own website (see” Related Links” page). Turners Hill has its own Parish Council, however both villages are covered by the same Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT).”


In the early stages of design of this website, to overcome our own inexperience, we studied several similar Neighbourhood Watch Websites in West Sussex and were impressed with their quality and content and have observed in admiration as they have developed even further.

Therefore, rather than re-invent the wheel, we have supplied links to these sister sites (see “Related Links” above) and information and services of a general nature can be obtained from them. If they do not yet have a reverse link you can utilise the “BACK” feature in your browser   (usually Internet Explorer, preferably version 6.0) to return to our site, or if a new site is opened it may be necessary to close it first.

In addition of course is the Sussex Police Website  covering the whole county which gives the new Organisation from the top down to Chief Inspector level and names your local Police Station, although at the time of writing it shows Copthorne as being supervised by Crawley Police Station instead of East Grinstead because we are in fact physically closer to Crawley.

This of course rubs salt in an old wound, as many of us have long done battle with the Royal Mail who currently insist that we are part of Crawley.  
The content of this site therefore, will consist of information specifically of interest to residents of Copthorne & Worth Ward, East of the Motorway, and Crawley Down & Turners Hill. Information on neighbouring areas on the Beat of our Neighbourhood Police Team swill is included, when available and relevant. 

It is our intention that this site could be used by the Neighbourhood Policing Teams both to impart and gather information should they wish to do so.  It has proved useful in other Counties. 

During 2003 a Website named “www.TheLocalChannel.co.uk” became available for local councils etc to offer FREE public information and discussion forums.  WORTH Parish council has launched a  /Worth version.

Therefore this Copthorne NHW site will be curtailed to cover Emergency Services, Security advice, Crime reports, and similar subjects.
All other community service information should be obtained from the Worth website. Fast moving crime reports will be relayed directly to the Worth Parish News Bulletins as well as appearing in this site when appropriate.

Monthly Crime reports from our Police NPT Lead officers will be entered monthly on the relevant Page. We also have a section for P.C.S.O.s who seem more able to converse with the public concerning matters of local interest.

If what you require does not seem to be available on the Worth Parish site contact THE ADMINISTRATOR.

Unfortunately TURNERS HILL is not part of Worth Parish but together with Crawley Down is a ward within M.S.D.C. and a NPT Police beat under East Grinstead Police Station.

Home Security and Reinforcement

Home Security and Reinforcement

Security is a problem that is huge, yet this is nothing new – it consistently has been an issue for homeowners and parents. The problem is the fact that family structure has changed. Not too long ago, folks had substantially bigger families and grandmothers or mothers were to look following the children. With eight, six or ten kids in a household, the house was full so burglars failed to possess plenty of chance. There was societal solidarity also, so offenders were unwilling to steal away from their neighbors. So stores were set upon by them instead.

Nevertheless, other businesses as well as stores began as the costs dropped, using electronic burglar alarms. These security units were so successful that burglars turned to stealing from people’s houses, which can be made more easy by how the kids have been in school as well as the parents are at work all day. American national data suggest that domestic burglaries are up nearly ten percent. So, what are you able to do to discourage a burglar?

In case your property is left empty to get a big portion of the day because your offspring are at nursery school school or a babysitters’ and you’re on the job, consider joining a neighborhood watch system or getting some home help. In the event you’d a cleanser going and coming, it might afford some action to warn burglars.

Joining a neighborhood watch would communicate to your own neighbors that you’re concerned with protection when you’re out plus they’re going to keep a watch in your house. Get your self a dog also, although be constantly aware they could be readily poisoned, in the event the criminal has accessibility to them..

Fit a digital surveillance system. This might be tape setup or a tracked. Tracked is the very best. An additional plus to your surveil setup is you could be certain what your baby sitter gets up to when you are outside also. It’s possible for you to turn it off when you are at home or simply leave the cameras that are outdoor on.

Another plus having a security system is you can get a panic button linked to the primary outside siren and strobe light of the system’s. If you concerned or are assaulted, it is possible to activate the alarm by pushing on a button you can wear around your neck. They are also able to be constructed into brooches and watches. These private panic buttons really are recommended for the single and aged girls supplying those dwelling alone with reassurance.

A surveillance system that is tracked will even warn you if your house catches fire if someone is mooching about your backyard or when you are asleep or outside. Usually the emergency services will be phoned by the operator at the same time as soon as they’ve gotten in contact with you.

An excellent surveillance system can serve by means of your insurance broker to get some significant reductions in your premium as a bargaining chip. For those who are in possession of a tiny business which you run at home, you might be able to offset some or all the overheads against your company too and an excellent residence surveillance system can raise the selling cost of your property, as it makes it that one measure more all-inclusive, like having uPVC doors and windows and a lumber deck.

Who Raises Hoodies

Who Raises Hoodies?

Learning is a procedure for transforming the existing information or getting new experiences. Who Raises Hoodies? earning is not difficult to take because this is the continued observational learning, in case it is got in the parents. Children’s parents are appreciated by they since they’re the role models, without judging them. Kids have an ability by finding others doing almost any work to find out more. Kids have brain. The good child learn from the things they see around them, good or awful. First, the good child observe their loved ones, how they communicate with their lifestyle each other, and manner of living. Same feeling is got by them simply because they spend most of the time together. The good child reproduce the advice that is the characteristic of individuals and is called imitation. Mentally the kids are in the period of learning that is sensitive, they quickly replicate their parents’ behavior that’s imprinted on their heads. Occasionally the learning is caused by an occasion that is recorded in their own memory and by observation and repetition becomes part of the customs. Second, many customs are adopted by them in the society. Should the good child convey with well educated or well mannered folks then they are able to learn great moral principles it affects their neighbourhood and society members negatively, and if they possess some awful qualities.

Likewise, kids have parents who prepare them for life and teach them. Parents have the first and most powerful influence on their kids. Kids discover to do the things their manner. People that are alcoholics or chain smokers have to understand that children are making poor impression on the children’s head plus they see their task. Occasionally these actions possess a deep effect on young children’s brain and heart. The good child learn their very first lessons from these scenarios as it is the parents that guide them about these scenarios.

The peer group plays an important part in shaping an individual. Because it’s usually said “A man is well-known by the company he keeps”. Poor business has an adverse influence above a youngster. That is due to the fact that the teens listen more than teachers and their parents. Denial cans turn into acceptance and provides the kids awareness of gratification in life. Kids love playing friends more than anything there are times when they would like to stay by making use of their friends more. Learning from buddies is kind of magnetic and it’s creative power inside. Heart open out using their buddies as well as visit a gleam of happiness in their own eyes. Their friends believe in them and in a way they’re their religious guides. Peer group as well as buddies certainly are a type of sheltering tree for kids whatever they say turns a meal into a banquet as well as a house into a house. We have at times bent over backwards to please a pal be a pal at college it a co-worker at workplace as well as a playground pal at school. Occasionally in pursuit of pleasing buddies and also to come in the great publications of each other they begin to covet one another. There are a number of cases in which a child that is good was spoiled as a result of social group that is poor.

Besides that, we need to try to know their actions affecting their behavior. They should be watched by parents, where they go. The things the parents do, whom they meet and what do they really feel. Friendly behavior should be applied on their parents by us they share their feelings often and they will not attempt to accommodate bad habits. A lesson ought to be about moral principles within their school program. They should be taught by teachers about great unethical and ethical. Teachers actions and parents play a vital role to build up their character. Teachers need to be more careful about their actions. Yet teachers can not accommodate manners that are incorrect in their life because kids are our nation’s future.

In conclusion, we could state that it’s a fact children try and duplicate the behaviour of adults plus that they learn best by observing it. It’s the grownups who attempt becoming a great influence and example for the kids and should see their behavior.

Graffiti Gangs

Preventing Tagging and Graffiti Gangs

It could be seen everywhere, train tunnels, underpasses, public buildings walls that were general as well as sometimes art exhibits. You might be trying to disregard it, yet it’s everywhere you go. Yes, we’re discussing graffiti! Colours used by artists wants high pressure cleaning and are often continuing. Skilled carpet cleaners will be able to help you in solving this problem. Graffiti cleaning is among significant issues of civil society now. Enormous damage is caused by graffiti to private properties and public.

The best problem with graffiti vandalism is the fact that a lot of individuals not take into account it to be’ criminal violation that is actual’. That’s a standard premise, as a result of the truth that generally graffiti is very ignorable. & most people do not find it necessary to punish the graffiti artist. But defacing of public/private property have to be taken additional seriously.

Reason for writing graffiti that is offensive
Below are a few common reasons behind writing graffiti.

Gang/Groups graffiti: As the name suggests, members create them (mainly young lads or bikers) . Usually it constitutes of alphabets or symbols expletives for names and competitions / nicknames. Motives behind this kind of graffiti could be marketing, show of glorification, power and display of ability.

Impulsive: Such graffiti is usually devoid of any objective that is particular. It usually grows apathy from mischief, along with rage. Ideological: It was created to show disappointment and anger against a particular political orientation. It may have an extreme nature. On the other hand, ideological graffiti can also be built to reveal support to any specific political orientation.

Arty: Such graffiti is made of expressing artistic & creative expression to get an individual objective. Complicated views are expressed through graffiti. Getting recognition is one more reason behind such graffiti. Various ideas determine considering graffiti. How large can it be? Do individuals residing in the region find it bothersome? Where’s the graffiti found and what is written? You will find a way to find out the punishment of wrongdoers and means by finding the responses for all these questions.

Measures to take for avoidance of graffiti.

Installment of CCTV cameras Creation of neighborhood watch.

Identifying the offenders that are potential and indicating the graffiti prone places in your community.

The offenders can discourage by cleaning the graffiti and not paying attention with their offense when it seems on the walls.

Graffiti cleaning.

Graffiti is a bit expensive occupation and a time intensive.

Pressure cleaning is the recommended means to do another area of Australia or graffiti cleaning.

Unique gear that is remarkably effective in removing the worst graffiti is brought by professional cleaners.

Hiring professionals is advisable as they do the cleaning occupation successful, but this may allow you to conserve energy plus your own time.